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PT Sonton Food Indonesia (SFI) is a joint venture between Japan Sonton Holding (SHD) with PT Mahadana Main Dasha (MahaDasha) engaged in manufacturing jam like fruity jam, spread and custard cream for the business segment (B2B). SFI produces a unique, diverse, and can formulate recipes according to special requirements of customers, with a touch of typical Japanese quality standards.

SFI plant is the first Sonton Holdings plant outside Japan. PT SFI factory is equipped with technology and the latest machines that will complement the diverse needs of the market butter for the development of the food industry in Indonesia.

Armed with high-tech machine and expertise possessed, coupled with the support of the two companies with the superior reputation, SFI is committed to serve the competitive Indonesian market with a variety of products and applications with targets ranging from Industrial Bread, Biscuit, Confectionary, Ice cream, Hospitality (Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe & Catering) to Consumer Products.


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